An Exciting Project, Grimdark Alliance

I’m excited to announce that starting today I will be taking part of an awesome project named Grimdark Alliance, an article, review, and discussion site for everything in the Grimdark sub-genre. Eric from The Grimdark Review and Leona from Leona’s Blog of Shadows invited me to join them in this project and I humbly agreed.

To quote Eric,
“Grimdark Alliance is a one stop has all grimdark fantasy site. Our goal was to combine the reviews we love to write with the interviews, lists, and thought inducing articles all in one place. Readers of the Grimdark Alliance will also get news on author events, tours, and everything that goes along with being a reader in the genre. We hope to create a community where readers like you and I can get together and talk about the books we love, share recommendations, and have fun together under a single big site.”

What this means for the BarbarianBookClub is that all Grimdark, Dark Fantasy, reviews and articles will go to the Alliance. All other reviews, personal rants, and random nonsense will stay here. The point of this place was to be an author blog focused on writing so this works out for the better.

Now go ahead and give Grimdark Alliance a visit and a bookmark.


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