Catching Up!

Wow, where do I start. It’s been awhile since I had spare time in order to write here. Work has been exceptionally demanding and every free second given to me went towards rest and relaxation with the family. Fortunately, after many months of hard work I am approaching the end of my training. Hopefully in the near future I will have a lot more free time to focus on writing.

Pensive writing mustache.
Pensive writing mustache.

While I have been insanely busy I still managed to do a lot of reading. Lots of crime and mystery novels, a lot of short stories, and I even spend a large chunk of time with Mr. Hemingway. When time allows I will go through my Goodreads and write about all the great books I read in the past few months.

The writing front unfortunately has been the hardest hit. In the past three months I only managed to finish a single first draft. But I have been collecting a lot of notes and jotting down as many ideas as possible. I have a plan/experiment I want to start on this summer and hopefully everything will work out as intended.

Finally, I got the cool little “Congratulations for the Honorable Mention” logo added on the left. I got the Honorable Mention last year for a last minute, submitted on a whim story. While not the most amazing thing in the world it did give me a confidence boost. I think it would be amazing to place in the Writers of the Future contest. Out of all the short story markets I find their anthologies match my tastes.


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