Finally some time.

The last nine months have been quite the challenge. I was knee deep in one of the Navy’s toughest programs and it literally monopolized all my time. When I wasn’t at work sitting through lectures and labs I was at home reviewing text books and preparing for testing evolutions. I had very little time for reading, writing, or even blogging on here.


But after nine intensive months of twelve to seventeen hour days I finally passed the first and hardest phase of the training. Now I focus on hands on clinical training and put what I learned to the test. What this means is that, while I am still busy beyond all imagination, I will have a lot more time to read and write.


This means that I can set some goals for my writing progress. The first is to touch up and edit some of the stuff I was able to write and begin sending some short stories around. Second I plan on sending another entry to the Writers of the Future contest. Last but not least I will finally begin working on the outline for my planned novel. Right now I have a lot of ephemeral ideas and outlines but nothing concrete. It’s time to start molding everything I have into a final work.


So in closing, my goal right now is to have a collection of short stories ready to go out into the world and start racking up rejection slips.


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