Hobo Life, Monster Hunting, and 007

Yesterday the movers came, packed all of our possessions, put them nicely in a fancy shipping container, and took them away. Sometime next year on the other side of the Pacific Ocean I will be reunited with my bed, bookshelves, tv, xbox, and everything else I have acquired over the last several years. Until that time I will be living out of two suitcases and one gymbag.


What you see above is everything I will be lugging around Southern California and use the first few weeks of Japan until I get myself a place to live. I am actually enjoying the lack of clutter in my empty apartment.

The whole packing experience was really stressful. The whole time we sorta had to wait around and make sure everything that needed to go went and everything we needed now stayed. Moving is a tough experience. Moving from California to Japan is extra tough but so far quite the adventure.

Once the movers were finished around 7pm, I rushed to the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore for the Larry Correia book signing. I picked up Son of the Black Sword and got to meet Larry. He seemed like a really nice guy, got his signature, and enjoyed his question and answer session.


I really look forward to reading his latest book. I enjoyed the first Monster Hunter and I am sure I will enjoy this one. Expect the review as soon as I get the chance to finish it.

Finally, to end the post with even more kick ass action, we went and saw the latest James Bond movie Specter. Fantastic kickass Bond movie. In my opinion the best of the Daniel Craig Bonds. I thought the opening action scene was perfect.

2 thoughts on “Hobo Life, Monster Hunting, and 007

  1. I moved from TX to Finland and lived the hobo life for 2 years! Got a long term apartment and reunited with my stuff just now. I feel your pain!
    I hope you post a review of that book soon. Oh and they say this Malice book is dynamite, I wonder what you’ll think about it.



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