Going to Narnia


Several days ago an old childhood friend of mine posted a picture of our 5th grade yearbook. Her post came at a perfect time. I’m here in Long Beach visiting all my old friends, driving down old streets, and trying to remember as much as possible from my childhood.

One of the things that has stuck with me was my 5th grade teacher. Mr. Van Nes. I have no idea where he is, what he does now, if he still teaches, I hope he does. But I remember that he had an enthusiastic love for the Narnia books.

I read the first one in his class way back then. I don’t remember much from it but I remember liking it a lot. So with only a few days left before my journey and nothing much planned I think I will go back to my childhood and re-read the Narnia books.

Update: The above decision to read Narnia actually came to me yesterday while lying in bed. I had no idea until now but yesterday was C. S. Lewis birthday. He would of been 117 years old.

2nd Update: Before I wrote this I made a post on the Fantasy subreddit asking other redditors about their experience with these books. One redditor wrote me a great response post addressing the Christian theology in the series. I wanted to share it here.

Reddit post about Narnia


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