Memory Walking on to the Next Step

I’m sitting here, it’s approximately 9pm. I’m somewhere in the Southern California High Desert, typing and drinking coffee at my in-laws dining room table. I will be here in bat country for another week before I head out to Japan.

Breakfast Burrito or Mushroom Bacon Burger.



Yesterday was my last full day in my hometown of Long Beach.

I spent most of it wandering around my old neighborhood. I walked by my old Elementary School. I walked by my Middle School. I walked all the streets I used to bike and skateboard with when I was a young barbarian.

The 405, part of ones life in Southern California


I have been far from home before. I have been in the Navy for 7 years, deployed, lived in Chicago. But, this is the first time that I will be in a foreign country for several years. It feels different, more permanent. Also, there is no guarantee that I will be stationed in Southern California after.

I think my age adds to my melancholy. I’m leaving at thirty two, most of my friends are around the same age and in a transition. Most of them recently married, had children, settled into careers. Everybody is exiting their adventurous twenties and settling into their steady lives.

The geeky nerd part of me sees Fantasy Castle and imagines a place to roll D20’s and shuffle miniatures around a grid. The reality is rather slimy.


I feel like I will miss some of that being over there.

I enjoyed seeing all the old places I used to trash around. I also liked seeing some of the old shops and streets improved from what I remember. I hope that my old neighborhood improves and new generations enjoy living there like my brothers and I did.

I go into every used bookstore hoping to find a hardcover copy of Hyperion.


I’m excited to spend the next several years in Japan with my amazing wife. I know we will make some amazing memories and that the experience will shape our outlook for the rest of our lives.

Yet I do feel sad about leaving my old Southern California life behind. I know that if I return it will never be the same. I can’t stop thinking about Frodo and Samwise returning to the Shire.

Indoor garden in the condo I grew up. You guys see a cheesy place I see a city, or a starship, or a alien battleground.


Ok, enough thinking about the past. Tomorrow I start preparing for Japan and hopefully finishing a new short story. Now its time to finish some Narnia.




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