Murder, Mystery, and Crime

I am not and have never been a strict genre only reader. I read everything. I believe a modern man must be well read in everything from the fluffiest pulp to classics and history. I have a personal rule that I read several fiction books and then I enjoy a denser no fiction.

Yet genre novels are still my go to and one of my favorite genres to read is the mystery thriller. I haven’t really mentioned it too much on here but looking over my goodreads reading for 2015 police murder mysteries made up my majority. The darker and bloodier the better.

Currently my favorite author in the genre is Tana French. This year I binged through all five of her books. Amazing stuff and probably my favorite reading experience in awhile. She writes complex, character focused, introspective crime novels centered around Dublins murder squad. They not only focus on the mystery but on the characters personal internal struggles  often making them unreliable narrators.


After reading Tana French on my recommendation my friend suggested I give Jo Nesbo’s series featuring Norwegian detective Harry Hole. I’m halfway into the second book and I have a feeling I will binge all ten by the end of the year. Jo Nesbo’s Hole novels fit into the Scandinavian Noir scene. Scandinavian Noir or Nordic Noir is a genre of crime fiction written in Scandinavia with certain common characteristics, typically in a realistic style with a dark, morally complex mood. Other examples would be The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.


They are dark, bloody, and the main character is a pitiful self destructive alcoholic but when he gets his act together he is a brilliant detective. If you like dark crime fiction give these a read and come back to discuss it with me.



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