Layover Seattle


This morning I started my long journey to Japan. I woke up at 0400 and drove with my wife from the High Desert down to San Diego. The San Diego airport was a great and everything ran super smooth. They even allowed my wife to hang out with me in the terminal past security.

Finally around 1000 I got on the plane and flew to Seattle where I have been for the past few hours. I have never been out here before so I was extremely excited to have a bit of a layover.

The first thing that stuck out to me was how green everything looked from the plane. Seattle and the surrounding area looks like a beautiful forest from above. A cold, rainy, forest.

After dropping off my bags in the hotel I went out and jumped on the Sounder Link train and headed downtown. The Sounder is very similar to the L Train in Chicago.

Once I got downtown to the Pike Market area I just walked around, took a few pictures, and enjoyed the city atmosphere. The best way I can describe the area to my California friends is that it reminded me of a combination between the Gaslamp District in San Diego mixed with Venice Beach. Lots of people, lots of bums, lots of hipsters, random restaurants, weird shit mixed with corporate stores. The cool part of it is the actual fresh outdoor market. It’s one of those warf style ones with fish everywhere and random stuff being sold.

On the dorky side I went and checked out the first Starbucks location. It looks like every other Starbucks but there was this ludicrous line so I went to another Starbucks next door.

After a bit of wandering Seattle did what it’s know for. It started to rain becoming miserably cold for this Californian. So I went back to my hotel room.

Now I’m sitting here debating if I should go to sleep until 0200 or just stay up and sleep on the long flight to Japan.

Seattle seems really charming. I would love to come here in the future and spend some serious time exploring. The little islands and the suburbs look really charming and it looks like there could be some good forest hiking.

Next post will be from Japan!

First Starbucks. Inside it looks like ever other Starbucks.





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