Merry Christmas From Japan

It’s a Japan thing.


I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas filled with good presents, giant feasts, and great friends. I wish everyone I know both here in Japan and all of my friends and family around the world the happiest holidays and I wish I could be with you guys celebrating.

This year is the first in a long time that I am spending it away from my family. Due to the way circumstances played out I’m here in Japan living in a hotel room while my beautiful wife and awesome dog are back home in California. These season isn’t the most festive for me but I know the next few will be fantastic because we will be together.

Even being thousands of miles away from my wife we were able to chat over texts all day and even had a good long skype session. I even spent last night at a coworkers house for a Christmas Eve party making new friends.  For this I am beyond thankful because I know right now across the world there are Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen standing watch on ships and bases in far away places that don’t even have the opportunity to text, email, or skype their families. Merry Christmas to all of those guys working around the clock and I hope they all get to catch up with their families even for a little bit.