Update, life in Japan


I haven’t had much time or energy to write as many posts as I usually do. Japan is an amazing place and I am enjoying exploring my surroundings on my bicycle and by train. Unfortunately the process of moving out of my hotel room and into a house in the city is a complicated, drawn out, convoluted mess.

Living in a hotel room that is located in a very inconvenient location and lacking a kitchen is quite frustrating. Not to mention that my internet is spotty at best. It constantly turns off and drops me off the network. It’s so slow that doing anything beyond the occasional late night writing or quick Facebook reading is painful. Trying to watch Netflix or any other streaming service is beyond impossible.

The biggest hardship right now is being away from my wife and our dog Quinn. They wont catch up to me until I have a place to live. Being by myself kind of takes the fun out of my explorations. I can’t wait till she gets here so we can experience Japan together.

I have been keeping myself busy. Hitting the gym daily, running, riding my bike, and focusing on getting my work situated so I can finally begin doing my job. On the writing front I am working on two short stories right now, and hope to have both of them finished and edited in the next couple of weeks. One of them I am writing specifically for the Baen contest that’s due at the beginning of April. I’m happy with everything so far but it’s hard to sit down and write when I have so much on my plate with the whole living situation and being in a new country.

This past week I did some exploring and visited Kamakura twice and took in some beautiful temples and shrines. I will write up a  post about what I saw and some of the local history soon.

Now I’m off to spend my Saturday night in my comfy hotel chair and finish my book.



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