One pile at a time.

2016-02-08 20.21.52
The office, only a few more piles.

Last week I finally left my long term hotel and moved into my Japanese house. I spent days putting together furniture, buying things I needed, organizing, and trying to figure out  how to use my shower.

It’s slowly coming along, most of the downstairs is complete, and the bedroom with the exception of my pile of clothes looks great. Now I have my office and what will be a meditation and relaxation room to set up. Most of the final decorating won’t happen until my wife gets here. I don’t want to have all the fun.

Unfortunately I’m not the type to be productive unless my environment is somewhat set up and comfortable. Right now everything is strewn about, things are a giant mess. I’m can’t get into a creative writing zone with so much left to do. So for now my energy and creativity is focused on arranging everything.

In other news, my wife is writing more and more on her blog Today one of her pieces got published on, a really cool website focused on mindful living. I’m very proud of her writing  and her inspiring motivational lifestyle.


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