The Writing Cave and the 9 Day Countdown


My fiction writing, blog writing, and any sort of writing in general has been nonexistent for the last few weeks. The main reason being the fact that I decided to dump an entire glass of green juice into my laptop. Luckily the sticky mess only fried the keyboard, the computer itself runs perfect but writing anything on the touch screen is impossible.

Getting a replacement keyboard part out here in Japan is a giant pain in the ass. Mostly because I had to have the limited edition laptop so the replacement part wont be here until mid April. So while waiting I decided to go buy a replacement. I didn’t want to get a cheap laptop that would just frustrate me and become a brick once my original is fixed and getting a good expensive one would leave me with two nice computers I don’t need. Instead I decided to buy a decent all-in-one Dell desktop that both the wife and I can use for writing and maybe in the future some basic photo editing.

Writing on a full size keyboard and having a 24 inch screen is amazing. I don’t know if I can go back to writing on my small screen. Being able to have a widescreen setup with a lot of desktop space is fantastic. I can have two documents open side by side in Scrivener and do edits like a boss. I think from now on big screen desktops are going to be my office mainstay.

In other news I finished arranging our office cave. It’s the one room in the house that will be decorated in a Western fashion. So I used all the old stuff from San Diego, my books, and of course the ugly Target rug. I’m pretty happy with it and will like it even more once I bring my reading chair from downstairs where it is currently the placeholder for living room furniture. I see myself spending a lot of time up here.

Finally, the best news of course is that the final countdown to the Wife arriving in Japan has started. In nine days I will be picking her and our awesome dog from the airport and introducing them to the many wonders of Japan. This means that next week I will spend several days making the house amazing and perfect.

Coming up: Many book reviews! I have been doing a lot of reading and want to share everything.




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