Everybody’s here!


Life has been a hectic and exciting mess for the past four months. I came to Japan ahead of my wife due to the long pet quarantine process. I ended up getting stuck in the hotel room for almost two months until I finally got my house. Then I spent the last two months getting set up and preparing the house for my wife to catch up.

Finally, this past Wednesday she landed in Japan with our dog Quinn! We spent the last few days exploring the local area and enjoying the beautiful Cherry Blossoms that started blooming two days ago.


With all of us here the house is starting to feel like a home finally. We do need to finish furnishing two more rooms and organizing but it’s no longer the empty quiet place I dwelt in.

Writing wise, I had a few setbacks. The lack of decent internet for the first two months followed by wrecking my laptop by spilling vegetable juice on it. Finally I gave in and bought a desktop and started working on a fun story that was intended for the Baen Fantasy Contest. Unfortunately I was unable to finish it in time. So I will finish editing it and see what I can do with it.



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