Hiking and Writing

I feel like Nathan Drake.

In about two weeks the wife and I are going to climb Mt. Fuji. I’m excited because climbing Fuji has always been one of my life goals. Something I have always wanted to do as far back as I can remember.

In order to prep for the climb and also because we love doing it. We have been going on hikes in our area. Saturday we did one of the best hikes around here, Mt. Takatori. The top of the mountain is decorated with a great stone Buddha carved out of an old rock quarry. The hike up is fantastic, making it one of my favorite outdoor areas.

Besides hiking, I started work on a new short story. A darker scifi piece I hope to finish before I lose interest and throw it into my never ending unfinished folder.

Also I need to write a quick review for Coherence. A fantastic indie movie we watched this weekend. If you love intelligent scifi  give this one a watch.




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