Now it Begins


Last year, August 16th, 2015 to be precise, I made the following post The Magnificent Seven Challenge. The idea was simple. Write seven short stories, submit them, and track the whole process.

I failed miserably. My writing output has been hovering between zero and nothing. Depressing situation. Quite miserable. Demotivating. Deplorable. Dastardly. Unexcusable!

But things are different now! Yes. I decided that I can no longer afford to stall. I buckled down, took a deep breath, and put thought to paper. I finished, edited, and submitted my first(I’m not counting my WotF submission) short story.

Tomorrow I will start on the next piece and eagerly await my first rejection.

The Challenge so far:

  1. The Birthday Party – SciFi 3,000 words – submitted
  2. ?????
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
  5. ?????
  6. ?????
  7. ?????


Accepted: 0 Rejected: 0 Total Submissions: 1


3 thoughts on “Now it Begins

  1. Good luck man. I’ve started something similar over on my site. Putting thought to the page is hard. It can be even more difficult when you have to do it originally several times. I wish the best of luck to you!


      1. I feel you there. My work has me working a lot of hours now so when I come home I just feel like being a veg instead of writing. But I want to write!


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