The Trespasser by Tana French


I’m a huge fan of mysteries, crime fiction, detective fiction and all encompassing subgenres. Currently, my favorite crime fiction writer is Tana French. I’m a huge fan of her novels, last year I read all five of them back to back. Last week, her sixth novel, The Trespasser, came out. I picked it up and devoured it as fast as possible.

The Trespasser is about Detective Antoinette Conway and her partner Steven Moran. The newest and least popular members of Dublin Murder Squad who are usually stuck investigating routine domestic crimes considered less glamourous by senior members of the squad.

Their latest case looks like the usual domestic lover’s murder. Aisling Murray, a 20 something attractive young woman is found dead, her head smashed against the fireplace, her apartment prepared for what appears to be a dinner date. Yet, several peculiarities and loose ends give our detectives room for doubt and cause to investigate deeper. The investigation reveals numerous secrets and unexpected turns, some dangerous for the main characters.

Tana French’s novels, like all great detective stories, are more than a mystery or a police procedural. The main focus is on character and theme. The main character, Antoinette Conway is your typical bad girl cop who doesn’t need anyone or anything. The older squadmates hate her and downright harass and haze. But she isn’t portrayed in the cliche tough girl with a heart of gold that ends up loved by everybody. French shows the alienation and loneliness of being the loner and the badass. She shows how being the know it all tough guy/girl is a fault and pushing everyone away is detrimental.

So, the sixth book in the series was great. Now I eagerly wait for the next one and try to search for more crime fiction with the same depth and character.




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