Interview with Rob Matheny of The Grim Tidings Podcast

Check out this interview of Rob Matheny. He puts out a podcast that focuses on dark and grimdark SFF. Give it a listen.

Grimdark Alliance

12748137_957555537654336_2916415817175404344_oWelcome Rob, and thanks for being here!

Eric, thanks so much for having me over, I’ve been hearing great things about the blog and I’m delighted to be your guest.

For someone entirely new to The Grim Tidings Podcast, what is it and what sort of content does it produce?

By iTunes standards, we would be considered at “literary arts” podcast with a focus on dark fiction. When I tell people about it, I usually just say it’s a heavy metal version of Reading Rainbow. My cohost Philip Overby and I are big fans of “Grimdark”, of course readers of your blog will know all about it and what authors make up the core. But – we tend to major in Grimdark, while we minor in pretty much anything else you’ll find related to speculative fiction or other media like comics or video games. Generally the show focuses on interviewing…

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