The Pulp Revolution Spinner Rack II

I’m really getting into the whole Pulp Revolution scene. Lots of stuff that reminds me of the Fantasy I used to like. I have always preferred Sword and Sorcery over epic Fantasy. Honestly, I think my ideal fiction is Dark Pulp. Stuff like Dune, or the Thundercats rated NC-17. Basically Heavy Metal.

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

Another issue of Cirsova is here!

But face it. Double-sized spectacular that it is, the truth is… you want more. And you can have it, too. Because I’m telling you, our spinner rack runneth over:

(See my complete reviews at the Castalia House blog at each of those links!)

Science fiction before 1980 was suprisingly diverse, and I think this lineup reflects how we are beginning to recapture that. Marina Fontaine’s entry presents a dystopian near-future that is reminiscent of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in High Castle. (Trigger warning: it is noticably less subversive.) Donald Jacob Uitvlugt brings old style swords & sorcery, but… with anthropomorphic lion-people. L.E. Buis has straight ahead…

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