A long holiday week.

Our first Thanksgiving in Japan turned out well. My co-worker’s wife hosted a large Thanksgiving dinner for all our junior sailors and my wife and I helped out as best as we could. We ate a bunch of turkey, pie, and drank a lot of beer. All had a great time.


The highlight of the day was the snow. It snowed in Yokosuka. Growing up in Southern California this was my first Thanksgiving snow. It was quite excitingsnowyokosuka for me. It also reminded me that I need to do some shopping for thermals and thicker socks.

The rest of the holiday weekend was spent relaxing around the house. It was cold outside and I needed to catch up with sleep and Netflix. I’m pretty sure one of the nights I fell asleep around 7pm.

There isn’t a lot to share in the writing department. I’m waiting on one submission and started a new piece. Time is limited this week and will be through the next due to having to take a quick work trip to San Diego. I’m excited about going home for a bit but the timing is inconvenient. Of course, my favorite thing about flying across the Pacific is having 11 solid hours of uninterrupted reading.



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