Grimdark Magazine (Issue #3)

I review issue #3 of one of the short story magazines I enjoy.

Grimdark Alliance

I’m a big fan of short fiction. I enjoy reading short stories on my lunch break.  Short stories make perfect reading material when I have a few minutes to spare but not enough time to really get immersed in a novel. So I was exceptionally happy when I came across the first issue of Grimdark Magazine. Finally, a magazine focused on the kind of Fantasy I enjoyed. I read issue one the day it came out and especially loved Mark Lawrence’s story, Bad Seed. When I finished it I immediately purchased the Broken Empire trilogy.

Unfortunately, issue #3 did not have the same positive impact. Containing four short stories, two novel excerpts, two interviews, two reviews, and one article, the issue overall left me feeling flat. The interviews were with Luke Scull and R. Scott Bakker. Interesting and well worth it for fans. Excerpts and reviews don’t really excite me. Reviews…

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