Grimdark Magazine(Issue #4)

I continue my reviews of Grimdark Magazine. This issue had some good stuff in it.

Grimdark Alliance

We continue our ongoing review retrospective of Grimdark Magazine with Issue #4 published in the summer of 2015. Like previous issues, this one has four short stories, two novel excerpts, two interviews, one book review, and one short article. grimdarkmagazine4

The standout non-fiction piece is the article by John R. Fultz. Its main thesis is that modern Grimdark fiction is the direct descendent of pulp era Sword & Sorcery. A thesis I fully agree with. Grimdark, at least how I see it has more in common with Conan the Barbarian than Frodo Baggins. This article is the perfect example of what I want from Grimdark Magazine. Intelligent pieces that help develop the intellectual foundation of the subgenre.

The Short Stories:

In Brazen Dreams by Matthew Ward. Outstanding, easily one tied for the top of the hill with Lawrence’s issue one piece. This story has betrayal, murder, isolation, loss of control…

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