Near Mt. Fuji

My work week was a bit atypical. I got the opportunity to fill in at one of our branch clinics, so I took it. The benefit, of course, was that the branch clinic was at the base of Mt. Fuji. So, my week was cold and mostly boring but I had a majestic view of the old man.


The weekend was mostly mellow. We went walked around and visited nearby Godzilla Park. Godzilla is a giant slide btw. Drank a few whiskey highballs, ate some ramen, and relaxed around the house.

The majority of today was spent re-editing a pulp fantasy story I wrote a long time ago and decided to finally prepare for submission. I keep struggling with deciding the best course of action for my short stories. Should I attempt to constantly submit them in the hope of publication in a semi-pro or pro market or should I bundle them and attempt the self-publish route.


The idea of professionalism through established publications appeals to me. Yet, reading all the SFF magazines I can’t ignore the fact that none of them publish the kind of stuff I read or write.



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