Off to Taipei


In a few hours, the Judy and I will be hopping on a Vanilla Air flight from Tokyo to Taipei. I’m pretty excited. Exploring new places is one of my favorite things to do.

The best thing about this trip is that we are going from Japan to Taiwan. Living in Japan is already an exciting adventure. Japan is a country that, while modern and a 1st world, is vastly different than Southern California where we came from. So on this trip, we will be contrasting two places foreign to us. Now I know that the differences between Taipei and Tokyo aren’t that vast. Nothing like going from Japan to Malaysia or Cambodia. But I will keep an eye out for the little cultural differences that I find interesting.

One of my favorite things about traveling is that it allows me to absorb images and scenes that I can draw on for my writing. Yes, doing research using the internet and books is valuable. But, nothing matches the first-hand experience of actually seeing wild jungles and ancient temples. taipei101

Alright, I’m off. I’m going to try to post a few pictures when I get there.





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