Pathetic Lawnscaping Project

It seems that talking about lawns, yards, and grass is a popular topic discussed by writers on the blogosphere. Being a self-described writer I figured I should get in on the lawnscaping discussion, or else not be taken seriously.

I grew up in apartments and condominiums so I never had a backyard. Never had a lawn to mow or any of that cool suburban stuff. As a matter of fact, I have never lived in a house in the United States.

My current residence is my first ever house. Of course being a Japanese house it’s a bit different than you typical American domicile. But I finally have a yard. Well, sort of, I have a strip of weed infested dirt that I have no idea what to do with.

My majestic yard, envy me.


Today I decided to actually get proactive on the whole yard maintenance thing. Mostly because I was embarrassed by the jungle of weeds covering the whole thing. In some places, it was several feet tall and unknown species of mammals lived underneath the lush canopy. I’m pretty sure the neighbors loved it. (I messed up and didn’t think about taking pictures before I murdered the weeds)

So after a bit of weed whacking, dirt scraping, and raking, the dirt strip looks presentable. I need to do some reading and figure out if I can spray some weed killer to get rid of the rest of them. But, my main goal is to make this area a presentable spot to read and relax. I need to do some self-teaching on the whole thing but my goal is to maybe drop some rocks on the ground, put up a nice outdoor table, and two chairs.

Then I can sit, drink tea, and be completely paranoid about poisonous centipedes crawling up my legs.

3 thoughts on “Pathetic Lawnscaping Project

  1. Small spaces are actually a lot of fun for projects like this. They force you to take full advantage of what space you do have, and you won’t focus all of your attention on any one aspect, so it keeps it fresh. Can you tell me what gardening zone you’re in?

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    1. I live right outside Tokyo, so I am not sure. I’m renting, and will be here for another two years, so I don’t want to spend too much money. I’m thinking of doing some decorative gravel with potted plants or something. I just need to figure out what I can grow in the climate. Neighbors are all old people with crazy bonzai trees, and zen looking crazyness I can’t ever attain.


      1. Could always dig up the weeds/grass and grow a few simple vegetables or herbs. Sharing that stuff with neighbors or colleagues will earn you some points in their book.



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