Mike Duncan’s Revolutions

Keep your faith in God, but keep your powder dry.


My current historical obsession is the early modern period. Pike and muskets, madmen and Puritans. The world changing Reformation and the bloody wars of religion that followed.

While a lot of Fantasy writers focus on the Dark Ages, Medieval, and early Renaissance for inspiration, I much prefer the era of Musketeers and mercenaries. Not to mention the civil wars and revolutions from the American to the French.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered Mike Duncan’s Revolutions podcast on Spotify. Hours upon hours of history dedicated to the modern eras many revolutions. OliverCromwel

The show starts with the often ignored, at least in the United States, English Civil War. Excellent stuff! Puritanical Roundheads fighting Royalist Cavaliers. Murder and Regicide abound, all of it wrapped in revolutionary theory about government and religion.

The New Model Army, Englands first uniformed professional army made up of parliamentary Puritans in direct opposition to the loyalists, who still organized themselves along traditional lines focused on royal rank and patronage.

Not to mention the interesting characters such as Charles I and the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell. Is there a better title than Lord Protector?

If you are a fan of History and you like podcasts, download Revolutions. I’m about the start the section on the American Revolution tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Mike Duncan’s Revolutions

  1. Revolutions and History of Rome podcasts are both epic bodies of work, and you can bet I preach them any chance I get. Thanks to Mike Duncan, for all the hours spent listening to these incredible episodes of human civilisation’s history.

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