The Rainy Season

Tsuyu, the Japanese summer rain is here. Warm downpours that happen throughout the day until the end of July. Coming here from dry Southern California is a serious change of pace. Growing up we got our annual week of rain and considered anything over that a Storm of the Century. Rainy

This week was unproductive on the writing front. Last weekend’s unfortunate circumstances put a damper on my mood and my work week was long and difficult. I avoided the internet as much as possible and I ended up spending most of this weekend playing Battlefield 1. Sometimes I feel the overwhelming need for mindless twitchy entertainment.

With the rainy season finally, in full force, I think I will be able to knock out a few stories and work on some of my unfinished ones. I’m putting the final touches on a submission for Storyhack 1 that I really like, and I’m giving my 21st Century Pulp submission two weeks or so to breathe before I work on the fantastic edits all the contributors sent me. There’s also a piece I sent to Writers of the Future that should get a response any day now.

But…The Crash Bandicoot collection is coming out on the 30th.. so I dunno..


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