Backpain & Bandicoots

I hope everyone had a fantastic Independence Day filled with BBQ, fireworks, and motivated displays of gratuitous patriotism. Being out here in the land of the rising sun I celebrated America’s independence ahead of most of you by going to the beach and taking a bunch of naps.revolutionary

The wife and I spent a lot of the weekend playing the remastered Crash Bandicoot on PS4. I’m a newbie who skipped the originals but my wife loved them and has been kicking ass all over this game. A game that is so damn hard. I don’t know if games are a lot easier now or if I just lost my platforming skills, but there have been a few moments where I wanted to toss the controller and put my boot through the television.  All said and done the game is fantastically fun. More fun than any of the recent games we bought and comes the closest to being like the fun games from my childhood.

crashMy writing output has been dryer than the back of a sandworm on Arrakis, completely missing in action. Mostly because I have been in a foul mood due to re-injuring my back and setting my workout routine back for however long this current bout of excruciating pain lasts.

About two years ago I was working out doing bent-over rows and my lower back locked up. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even get in my car. It took a few weeks of painkillers, yoga, and acupuncture for the pain to go away, and a lot more until I felt confident enough to hit the gym 100%.

Fast forward to now and I am dead center in the middle of my first go around with the Tactical Barbell program. I’m feeling strong, fast, and ready to rip my enemies to shreds. I even scored Excellent on the PRT, losing the top spot by a few seconds on my run. So this Friday in about of ultra-motivation I decided to hit the gym early and get my daily lift in before work. 0430 and I hit the squat rack after a great bench session. First set goes great, but I notice a bit of tightness in my lower back during the second. Instead of stopping I push through and finish a painful third. At that point, I’m done, but sadly so is my back. Locks up as I’m walking away and I spend the entire day and following weekend in excruciating pain.backpain

Of course, this is a learning experience. The truth is that while my run speed and overall upper body strength have been improving, my abdomen and posterior chain is pathetic. I can barely hold a bridge without shaking. I need to drastically change my workout patterns, lose about 10 pounds, and put a clear focus on core strength, stability, and overall mobility.

The plan is to lay off the barbell heavy lifting for a bit and focus on abdominal yoga style bodyweight for a few weeks followed by another round of TB Base Building focused on mobility and posterior chain using kettlebells.

I’m going to outline my workouts here in order to keep myself motivated.

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