The Future…

I’ve been home for almost three days and somewhat still recovering from jetlag and the whirlwind of activity that took place in California. It’s midnight and I can’t sleep, mostly because I took a four-hour nap and drank coffee around 8pm.

My brother’s wedding was magnificent, and I am honored that he asked me to be his best man. The ceremony was beautiful and once he releases the pictures I will try to share some. It was wonderful catching up with old friends, many that flew in from across the country. And just as important it was great meeting new people.

My brother and I

Most important was the time my brothers spent together last week. It was great to catch up and just hang out, even tho it was just for a short time. My brother, the one who got married, are only three years apart and grew up very close. My friends became his and vice versa. Our younger brother is the baby, 11 years younger than me, but a cool guy who gave an outstanding toast about our father who passed away over a decade ago. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the venue.

The other highlight of the trip was that my wife and I finally announced that we will be having a baby due next June. Yep, you read that right. We’ve known for a bit but decided to tell our close relatives in person so kept the news relatively secret. It was really seeing my brother marry a fantastic woman, knowing they will make a fantastic aunt and uncle.

My father


I can’t lie and say I’m not terrified of the future. I feel more excited and emotional about becoming a father than I ever did about joining the Navy and deploying to Afghanistan. I felt more sure about myself going on patrols than I do about my ability to raise a human. But I’m going to try my best because I look at my wife, my brothers, my friends and know that I have great people behind me to help.

Going home, seeing all my old haunts, and catching up with old friends makes me reflect on the past. It’s hard not to get melancholy and pensive when it feels like days ago that we were all rolling D20s in my bedroom, feels like yesterday we were galavanting all over boozing and partying, yet here we are over twenty years later from those games and almost a decade from our early 20s.

Thoughts like that force me to see how fast and fleeting life passes by. Next year I will be 35, married 4 years, and a new father. I look forward to trying my best to succeed in these endeavors and live up to what my father and grandfathers were for me.






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