Ongoing Projects

Upcoming Novella

Storyhack0I started work on what I’m hoping will end up a multi-chapter novella or short novel. It will be an action-packed story of adventure and exploration set in my Musket & Magic world of colonial powers, treacherous jungles, and ancient magic that I introduced in my Storyhack Issue 0 piece. The adventure features the exile Valen, his servant Bartholomeus, and the uptight Capitan Henrik. If you haven’t read A Tiger in the Garden go ahead and pick up Storyhack 0 and give it a read.

Amazon Associate Program

Barbarian Book Club is basically a personal journal that I use to challenge myself to write. I also love talking about the books I’ve read, my currently sparse writing, and games I’m currently playing. I know that people enjoy discussing books and both real life and online friends have picked up books I’ve discussed and recommended on here. I figure that if I really enjoy the book or game I might as well use an associate link and if you the reader enjoy my content and want to read the same stuff you will buy it from Amazon using my link. Will this work? Probably not, but if I manage to make 2.99 in three months that equals to about one large coffee or one indy book. So, please click on my links if you decide to read the same stuff I do.


4 thoughts on “Ongoing Projects

    1. damn I never get notifications on time here for some reason. I’m pretty much open after 1600 everyday, or can make it open. So whenever you want to I would love to go grab some coffee or whatever CFAY approved beverage. I’m assuming your schedule is the difficult one with the move coming up so pick and I will adjust.


      1. Why is communicating in a timely manner so difficult in this age? Are we that bad at this? I’ll throw up my cell number since most english-reading folks who look here aren’t going to make heads or tails of it anyway. I’m off this week, now thru friday, work S&S. will prob take the fam to see Xmas lights one night (maybe Friday since junior won’t have school the next day?), but that’s impossible to predict. if wednesday or thursday work for you, let me know. i’m generally non-busy on nights i don’t work. 080-3121-4448.



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