Experimenting with Steemit

Steemit seems to be all the rage with a certain subsection of the new pulprev crowd, so I’ve decided to experiment with some of my older stories. While I’m not particularly convinced about the implementation and the use of posting stories on Steemit the concept is intriguing. Sadly the interface is ugly, clunky, and somewhat confusing.

Adobe Spark (1)

I’m friendly to the idea that people that post on social media, especially if it’s interesting self-generated original content, should be compensated. I’m very into the idea of decentralized self-publishing and multiple independent methods of distribution for entertainment. So overall I think this is an experiment in getting out my work to readers using a different method. I hope to reach a few new readers.

Read, follow, upvote, and comment on A Tiger in the Garden on Steemit!


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