The Ongoing War Against Beauty


“Censorship is to art as lynching is to justice.”

In yet another battle in the ongoing war against beauty and Western Civilization puritanical feminists who run a Manchester, England Art Gallery decided to remove the exquisite  Hylas and the Nymphs by the Victorian Pre-Raphaelite JW Waterhouse. halasnymphs.jpg

In the typical culture warrior forked tongue double-speak Clare Gannaway, the curator of the gallery said she removed the painting because it was “very old-fashioned” because it depicts women as “either as passive beautiful objects or femmes fatales.” The intention was never to censor art, but only to provoke conversation and replace it as part of a “thought-provoking” installation by the artist named Sonia Boyce, who seems to be known for crayon drawings that imitate the talents of elementary school children and stage pieces about men in drag.

This latest attack by the Cult of Resentment hits close to home. John William Waterhouse is one of my favorite painters. Whenever I lack inspiration for my writing I let myself wander through his work taking in the images of the romantic idealized age the Pre-Raphaelites dreamed of. To see vile attacks on the beauty of his work by post-modern, trash peddling harpies disgusts me more than I can put down in words.


For far too long us men and women of the West have allowed the poisonous snakes of post-modernism to coil and slither, choking the very pillars of our civilization. We have stood by as they tore down the beautiful art and architecture of our ancestors, replacing it with soulless and ugly monstrosities, rejecting harmony and beauty. We have allowed them to conquer the education of our children, poisoning their minds against the great writers of the past, with ridiculous anti-western ideologies that spit on the very foundations of our culture.

No more. I believe it’s time to pick up the sword and shield of beauty and take back the battlefield of art and literature and drive the serpents back to their filthy holes. We cannot sit by as they replace everything beautiful with the ugly excrement birthed from their sick ideology.

We must embrace the Western Canon in art, music, and literature, and educate the men and women around us by showing them the beauty and truth that they are starved of in this modern world.

One thought on “The Ongoing War Against Beauty

  1. Definitely! And I’d suggest augmenting the Canon with writings from Europe previous to Christianization, such as Cicero, Homer, the Poetic Edda, and Beowulf. As for the sorry state of education…my wife and I have never regretted being homeschoolers!

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