Barbarian Book Club: Weightlifting Progress 5FEB18


Ancient World Goals, choking up your three-headed dog son.

I’m about two months into my focused quest to grow the body worthy of a Barbarian King, leading fierce warriors against the globalist Roman legions. My plan is outlined in this post, and now about two months later I figured I would look back on progress.


Going through my Journal the earliest weightlifting numbers I could find are from 28th of November:

Bodyweight: 202lbs

Overhead Press: 65lbs 5×5

Bench Press: 130lbs 5×5

Squat: 130lb 5×5

Deadlift: 155lb 5×5

As of today, my lifts are as follows:

Bodyweight: 207lbs

Overhead Press: 110lbs 5×5

Bench Press: 162.5lbs 5×5

Squat: 205lbs 5×5

Deadlift: 210lbs 5×5

The overhead press is starting to trouble me a bit, my last set today took some willpower. I think a 10% de-load might be around the corner. Squats I’m taking slow because of my back injury but the deadlifts are feeling a bit too easy. I might start adding 10lbs per workout for a few sessions.



4 thoughts on “Barbarian Book Club: Weightlifting Progress 5FEB18

  1. Good for you man! We’re on the same wavelength (see my post later today, which I’ve had planned): I’ve been on a quest to drop some weight myself. After my son was born, I got down from 285 to 230, and then put on lots of muscle mass and gained another 15 pounds.

    I maintained this until fairly recently, ballooning up to over 250. I’ve been on my own quest the past month and a half now, and am down to 238. The only way to do it is to get obsessed, stay obsessed, and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. Without the constant presence of something reminding us where we were and where we are, it’s much harder to get to where we want to be.

    Keep it up!



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