March Update

I’ve neglected posting any new updates this week due to being busy and suffering from a bit of internet fatigue. I’m honestly trying to avoid social media, blogs, and online news sources or at least limit how much time I spend reading junk that does nothing but aggravate me.img_20180304_150527_4571194357115.jpg

  • The weightlifting program is going great. Even with a bench press reset I feel like I’m getting stronger every week. Yesterday I knocked out several sets of deadlifts that left me exhausted, but the strength increase from December is unquestionable.
  • I’ve been reading a lot of books on parenthood and fatherhood in general. I plan on adding a section to this blog where I talk about fatherhood and the thoughts I have on the subject.
  • Writing, I finally managed to sit down and start working on the longer novella I’ve been plotting for the last few weeks. It feels great to sit down and write. Once things start getting serious I will be discussing this project more and more. I’m plan on self-publishing this one so I will need editors and artists for sure. Not to mention a lot of research on how to go forth with the publishing.
  • I’ve done a bit of adjusting the blog, if you look at the categories you will see links to my Gentleman’s Library and my read of The Western Canon. I plan on continuing with Shakespeare and when I finish a few more plays moving on to Dante.

I’m also reading a lot of Fantasy again, most of all I’m reading Robin Hobb my favorite Fantasy writer. I’m half way through book 2 of The Liveship Traders and honestly believe this is my favorite series. If you haven’t read Hobb, stop whatever you are doing and pick her up.


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