Strength Endurance Building

The Linear Progression Strength program has been going great. I’ve greatly improved my strength in the past three months. I’m warming up with weights that I used to consider heavy a year ago. hikeblur

Of course the downside of focusing on strength alone was bound to catch up to me. I gained a bit of weight, with a nice suit of fat covering everything, and my stamina is starting to suffer. I went on an uphill run through the forest last week and I had to stop a few times during the stair run.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if I was an office worker or student but being in the military I can’t neglect endurance and stamina. For one I have my annual physical fitness test, bi-annual weigh-ins, and the very real possibility that I will be heading back to a USMC or similar duty that will require hiking and stamina.

So what’s the solution? A Strength Endurance three week block based on the Tactical Barbell Base Building principle. I’m taking three week off from barbell training to focus on running and high volume kettlebell/bodyweight exercises.

I’m alternating the following cluster with jogging days.

KB Squat, KB Deadlift, KB OHP, KB Swing, KB Row, Pushups

Week 1: 10 reps each, 30 second rest, repeat x3

Week 2: 20 reps each, 30 second rest, repeat x3

Week 3: 30 reps each, 30 second rest, repeat x3

Every other day runs: 20 mins week 1, 30 week 2, 40 week 3

On run days close off with abdominal circuit.

Hopefully doing a short block like this every 12 or so weeks will keep my stamina up to reasonable levels without hurting my LP too much.



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