Getting in some French Toast

My PostCooking has always been a point of contention for me. My mom did not cook and growing up my brothers and I ate BBQ my dad grilled up or take-out. As an adult, I’ve always been intimidated by the kitchen, cooking, and food preparation in general. On top of that my wife is a fantastic cook who prepares meals that rival or downright overtake most restaurants, I’ve eaten at. Her meals are intimidating and spoil me so much that I never even thought of learning how to cook.

This year I’ve decided to remedy the situation. My goal is to become a serviceable cook and comfortable in the kitchen. It’s important for me to be able to whip up meals for us, especially when the baby comes and she will be indisposed and tired. Most of all I want to show my child that all of us contribute and put an effort in our overall well being in all aspects of family life. In order to do that I can’t be useless and ignorant about cooking.

I also want to start family traditions, special meals we all share, and all sorts of fun stuff that I never really had growing up. So one of the first things I taught myself how to make was French Toast. I love breakfast and I love spending a lazy Sunday morning with my wife eating delicious food and sipping fresh coffee.

The toast turned out amazing and I’m definitely adding it to my mental bank of things to make regularly. I plan to take over one or two meals per week until I feel fully comfortable and build up a collection of recipes.


4 thoughts on “Getting in some French Toast

  1. Damn, that looks good!
    I learned to cook out of necessity. First, my dad would send me into the house with instructions while he took care of the animals. Then I was a bachelor for over a decade on my own, so I had to learn. Now, for years now, actually, I’ve been wanting to make a youtube channel that teaches young people simple ways to get started cooking for themselves. Nothing fancy, just basic survival cooking. That’s on the list of shit I’ll never have time to get to but would be really nice if only I could.
    You’ll get it! It’s not as hard as it looks.
    Actually, I had a reunion of college buddies last weekend and realized that all of us, and all guys, can cook. Most of the male friends I have cook and do it well. It’s like we’re Italian mafia guys . 🙂

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