Pre-Tolkien Fantasy Challange Roundup: Part II


We are on week three of the Pre-Tolkien Challenge and the whole adventure has been very successful. A lot of great people have joined up and written about their favorite fantasy work from a great era of fiction. Check some of it here in the Pre-Tolkien Challenge Roundup: Part I.

Reading the classics of Fantasy and Science Fiction, writing about the great stories and great authors, and having good discussions is critical now more than ever. The relentless Cult of Resentment is constantly attacking every single pillar of our civilization and culture. Today the festering anal fissure of science fiction and fantasy vomited another “problematic” book burning screed where the author flat out said that Lovecraft should never be recommended and that Tolkien makes him uncomfortable. Read the garbage here.

Of course once you look deeper you realize that the writer of the piece is a fantasy author himself. A creepy, balding, gummy creep with a pedoface like no other. He shits on the classics, shits on Tolkien and then hustles creepy cheap Narnia ripoff YA. Described by Kirkus “paid” reviews as “Madeline is white and blonde, Jason is Chinese-American, and their culturally diverse friend group in the Sunlit Lands includes an Apsáalooke and a Native Hawaiian boy. For Narnia fans who enjoy heavy snark, this is a must-read.”Check that part out Narnia fans who enjoy heavy SNARK. 

These two bit poverty pimp hustlers want to memory-hole and destroy the greats of our genre and replace their work with their own cheap soulless garbage. This example being is appropriate, after all, Tor is the home of John Scalzi, the scribe of resentment who made a career rewriting Hadelman, Heinlein, Herbert, and Piper, but snarky. Fuck snarky. Nobody likes snarky. The snarky teenage girl trope was invented by pedo 80s movie writers. It isn’t real except maybe in the damaged mind of former child actors.

So, yes fellow pulp warriors. This isn’t just a fun exercise where we blog about our favorite stories. This is us taking the field against enemies that hate everything we love.

So, without further commentary, check out these posts:

Once again, these posts are awesome. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so I will go through all my Twitter mentions and comments, and I have a few more of my own pending. Lets keep the conversation going. Lets talk about what made the old pulps and the old writers great. Because if we don’t we cede the ground to people like the Tor crowd who are hell bent on tearing down and destroying.


15 thoughts on “Pre-Tolkien Fantasy Challange Roundup: Part II

    1. Alex,

      Yeah and as Alexandru points out all this is to throw down the statues and to be replaced by new ones…of themselves. What particularly affronted me is the feigned emphathy that metatsizes into a histrionic used car salesman pitch.
      O woe I wanted to save SAVE! this xenophobicsherterosexualistscismasculinisteurocentrist content for future generations. But alas, ALAS! I can’t in good conscience save these books or writers BUT if you go to my Amazon authour’s webpage you get the wokest,bestest most updatest books written by me in most formats at reasonable prices!!!!!!!.

      Or TL;DR is the Gilderoy Lockhart of


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        1. These people are fucking hustlers. I see a lot of rightists always trying to argue racism and logic and ethics with these fucks. It’s a damn waste of time. They are not good faith actors. They are simply hucksters, the fantasy fiction version of carbon credits.

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            1. Alex,

              I share your observation with the emphasis on the demonic. I think they’really demonically opressed. Their hatred of the good, beautiful and true just isn’the normal


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              1. I don’t take any joy in making light of mental or spiritual sickness. These people are seriously unwell. They evoke pity as much as anger and revulsion. Sad.


  1. So I’m currently reading a novel by Arthur Conan Doyle: “The White Company.” It is historical fiction – not fantasy – set during the Hundred Years’ War. Published in 1891, Doyle apparently liked this even better than his Sherlock Holmes stories, and I think he’s justified in that. This is well written story with gusto and not a single tongue placed in the cheek nor wink given to the audience.

    The characters are brave and honorable and, most importantly, enjoyable as individuals. This is an homage to chivalry, courage, and danger, to men being men, and to the strong spirited women at home, the earning of whose honor or hand in marriage is worth the risk of battle on foreign battlefields.

    It is an absolute delight. Doyle’s prose sparkles with vigor. It is joyful. Boisterous. Every personality is colorful, and the book has lots of random characters who just pop up and are not seen again. This and the dialogue have been reminding me of the happier Jack Vance passages in his novels the entire time I’ve been reading it.

    This is unabashedly heroic stuff. I’m hard pressed to think of a more problematic novel for the literary ostriches of Tor.

    I highly recommend this for the joy in reading it, and in learning how to color up your stories with odd, interesting characters who don’t need a lot of face time. That the novel would trigger a Tor editor into a full blown conniption is a side bonus.

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  2. In France, back in March, four editors of science-fiction and fantasy organized a “Lovecraft month”, publishing something like sixteen books revisiting and celebrating Providence’s Crazy One in three weeks, and launching a crowfunding campaign for the (ultra-deluxe) translation of S.T. Joshi’s I am Providence.
    The results ? Overwhelming success in the books sales and a record-breaking crowfunding campaign for a french editor.

    Lovecraft was a racist, yes, all readers know that and it transpires from most of his stories, but precisely : these are *stories*. We don’t read Lovecraft to be shocked by early-20th century xenophobia, we read Lovecraft because he was a master of horror.
    Context (and history), for f’s sake !
    It’s like going to a Louis C.K. show and expecting a sensible debate about world economy…

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  3. YOU HAVE NOT READ ANYTHING BY A. MERRITT!!!!???? You poor deprived child.

    The White Company: a superb book, be sure to read the companion book, Sir Nigel.

    ACD had some great books besides Sherlock Holmes; The Lost World and The White Company are just two, the others are worth a look.

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