Cirsova Magazine

If you follow this blog or my other online rants you might remember that three years ago I almost completely gave up on new Fantasy and Science Fiction. I waded through endless endless idiotic short stories, nihilistic postmodern trash. The standard garbage in modern anthologies and magazines. I was so sick of modern SFF that most of 2016 I only read nonfiction, mystery, crime, and police procedurals. I even left American writers behind and spent a lot of time reading Nordic Noir.cirsova

Then I discovered Cirsova Magazine and my love of Fantasy was rekindled. Issue Five was my favorite, outstanding stuff. Raw and exciting, I felt like I was re-discovering the genre again. The two standouts were Misha Burnette and Schuyler Hernstrom. After all this time searching I finally found short stories that were exactly what I wanted to read. Work that challenged me and brought back the love of Fantasy that left me due to the nihilistic poison I imbibed for so long.

Discovering Cirsova was great, not just for the fantastic stories, but for the supporting community. Finally, I found readers and writers that loved the same kind of Fantasy that I’ve always loved. On top of that, connecting with other writers who share the same influences yet come from different backgrounds has completely changed the way I approach my own writing and opened my eyes to some fantastic fiction I would have missed otherwise.

Cirsova is now entering a new era and I highly recommend that you go ahead and grab all the back issues. Some of the best underground indy SFF writing around. Get the latest issue right here!

You can find my writing in another pulp magazine that is newer on the scene but just as solid, Storyhack. Well worth the read.



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