No Honor

We live in a corrupt and diseased age where adult men wallow in infantilism and waste their days away in masturbatory digital power fantasies inside their mother’s basements. So many men have turned their backs on masculinity, instead embracing the snark of the neuter, replacing the respectable behavior of men with the cattiness that ugly girls show towards their attractive superiors.

I usually have little patience for the stupid internet outrages and hate mobs, but I do want to comment on Chuck Wendig getting fired by Marvel because he exemplifies the disgusting, wracked with ressentiment; an image of the nu-man forced upon us by the corporate tastemakers. Wendig is a man with no honor.


I don’t know Wendig, I will never meet him, and honestly, I have no desire to ever interact with a man like him. A few years ago my wife bought a bunch of new Fantasy and Science Fiction books and one of them was Wendigs Blackbird. She never read it but I always thought the cover looked good so I gave it a try. It wasn’t my thing, I felt like it tried to be Neil Gaiman’s American Gods but with nu-male snarkiness. Coming across his Blog and Twitter it was no surprise that he was nothing but the usual yawn-inducing prog who confuses using the word fuck with maturity and depth.

Turns out that sometime last week he overdosed on ressentiment and went on a fucking Twitter rant where he called for violence against Conservatives, calling them “prolapsed assholes, racists, rapists, and wretched creatures that will get a shit stained boot.” His employees at Marvel and Disney decided that maybe some of those “prolapsed assholes and rapists” actually are Star Wars fans, visit their parks, buy the merchandise, watch their movies so the fired him.

Here is the fucking thing, what disgusts me about him is not that he is a progressive imbecile who hates me and would have me sent to a re-education gulag if he was in power. Men like him don’t scare me, he is nothing but a pink-faced forty-something fatass who postures as a tough guy because obese women blow smoke up his ass at loser conventions. He would never spew his shit unless he thought that the Cult of Ressentiment and his corporate masters had his back. What disgusts me is that he is a spineless coward with no honor who can’t even stand behind his words.

Instead of manning up once he got fired he went on another Twitter rant crying about getting canned. It wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t the fact that he threatened violence on half the country and the President of the United States. No, it was the evil conservatives who hate the gays and the blacks and want all Star Wars to be only about SS stormtroopers that got him fired. What a fucking worm. What a fucking coward.

Stand by your beliefs you fucking coward. If you hate me because of what I believe say so, be a fucking man and do something about it. Accept the repercussions of your actions and beliefs you fucking worm.

Chuck, I don’t hate you, hate is reserved for worthy enemies. I pity and despise you for being a weak coward who wallows in toxic ressentiment. I recommend you get the fuck off the internet and go spend some time in nature. You’re a weak, sick man.

I know that I have some out there social and political views. I know that my personality can be angry and abrasive. I will never work for Disney, Marvel, Tor, or any other mega-corporation that mass produces brain-gruel for imbeciles. But I will never whine when I get blacklisted for my views, and I will never threaten violence against another unless I absolutely fucking mean it.

If you read this blog, I almost never discuss current event politics. I tend to base my worldview on the long span of history and philosophy. On here I will disagree with you, I will have views directly opposed to you, I might even call you out, but you are always welcome to take a seat, have a drink, and discuss your beliefs. But this is not a safe space for cowards if you open your mouth be prepared to defend yourself.

Finally, I took the time to type this up because I often mention The Cult of Ressentiment, and if you go and read through Chuck’s Twitter thread you will see the disgusting examples on display. Sick, fat, angry, people who wallow in pseudo-victimhood. The sickness oozes through their comments and the disease is visible in their slackjawed open mouthed fat faced profile pictures. They hate beauty, honor, and justice, and embrace illness, weakness, and self-depreciation.

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13 thoughts on “No Honor

  1. Great Rant. You’ve pretty much covered everything I feel about this situation as well. I have no sympathy for Chuck Wendig; he got a taste of his own medicine and it seems he is filled with so much soy that he became allergic to this little thing called “consequences”.

    My only problem with this situation is the stupid assertion some people make in his defense that this is a violation of his right for free speech, or that Chuck Wendig was fired because of his politics. Both are patently false. Nobody stopped him from expressing his opinion, political or otherwise, on social media; but he decided to use his platform to attack and alienate half the country because he is an emotionally broken loser that can’t handle the fact that not everybody thinks like he does.

    Like it or not, when you work for a billion dollar company and you are active on social media, you represent that company, and if you are caught wishing violence and death upon people, it’s a bad image for the company. It’s in their absolute interest to not want to do anything with you. Disney and Marvel didn’t fire him because of his politics, they fired him because he gave the company a bad image and potentially lost them money and customers.

    Free Speech means you have the right to express your thoughts on any given subject without being shut down or censored; it doesn’t mean you can go and make threats on social media and expect no retaliation.

    It’s annoying to see that many reasonable people don’t understand this.

    What, he was upset because of something something politics? Toughen up and bottle it up you little pussy. Find a different way to vent your anger instead of going on a crying tirade on Twitter.

    On the bright side, this was a good case-study on how a weak man reacts to consequences; and holy fucking shit, they are worse than Gollum when things didn’t go his way.


  2. Alexandru,

    A well argued post. Wend is a good exemplar of a coward and a revolting one at that, I bet he’said unmarried and no kids. And that explains a lot. Marriage and fatherhood are the most demanding manly states a man lives through. Only being a soldier and a priest exceed those those states.
    I suspect that social justice would disappear if there were more married creators with families. Both states sober people up real fast



    1. Xavier,

      Here’s what I said on Twitter about something else relevant.

      “I’ve just realised that Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke rarely had real functional families as we’d know them in their fiction. Maybe REH’s juveniles count. Burroughs did, part of the happy ending to Lensmen was Kinnison having a big family.”

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      1. Alexandru,

        Thanks. This is very disconcerting that he has a son and behaves the way he does. One of the most solemn dad duties I undertake is to nurture my boy to be honorable and reliable.



      2. Paul,

        Thanks for your tweet. Aristotle was so right revolutions happen because of a man’s private beaviour and seeks to rationalize it



  3. Ha ha you called him a “man.” Funniest part of your post.

    Kidding aside, you can tell a lot about someone based on who or what they hate. Wendig Hayes attractive, competent, successful people. Wendig probably got bullied in school, probably brought a lot of it upon himself, probably didn’t get attention from girls, and instead of trying to better HIMSELF, lashes out at the world.

    I knew so many people like this (note the past tense).

    I, too, was unpopular in high school and got bullied. I responded by lifting weights, taking martial arts, and trying to act like the person I wanted to be. I KNOW many similar people who used school stuff as fuel to better themselves.

    Wendig never grew up. Never learned about the world or himself. Or maybe he learned about himself and was filled with such disgust he couldn’t handle what he saw. He’s pathetic and would be sympathetic if he didn’t, quite literally, want people like you and me to die.



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