Toxic Infinity Pools

My last post was the triumphant deletion of my Twitter account. Turns out it was rather timely for numerous political reasons. Alex over at Amatopia, was one of the loudest voices that set me on the path away from that toxic mess, and in his post Join the Exodus! he outlines a lot of political and social reasons to quit the psychic vampire of social media. 

The Pool outside Moria

Oddly enough the final decision towards deletion, and severe re-adjustment of my social media was my daily walk to work listening to Lord of the Rings.  The scene outside the entrance to Moria, the one with the evil dark pool filled with tentacles, reminded me of a podcast I listened to a while back on The Art of Manliness. This guy John Zeratsky was talking about his book about making time and described this concept of infinity pools. 

What are Infinity Pools?
Infinity Pools are always-on, effectively infinite sources of information and entertainment.

Twitter is the ultimate infinity pool, but unlike some that can be beneficial, Twitter is a toxic soup of bitter hags, simpletons, and hucksters. But, it’s an addicting toxic sludge and one that kills productivity and happiness. I’ve caught myself numerous times getting irritated over some imbecilic post because I was on Twitter while eating breakfast. 

Of course the big fear is that without it I won’t sell any of my stories, the ones I never write because I spend my writing time being angry on social media. Here is the deal. I’m going to write, then I’m going to advertise. Too many writers advertise nothing but their political views and opinions on pop culture. 

So I’m done. I’m going to become selectively Digitally Amish. I will continue to build my house here, and if you want to be my neighbor I will welcome you gladly. But I’m done standing on hills made of shit shouting nonsense at the world.  

6 thoughts on “Toxic Infinity Pools

  1. Brian Niemeier’s line “never give money to people who hate you” applies directly here. Give Twitter and other Silicon Valley tarpits (the Leftist Infinity Pools) your time and eyes, and you give them your productive wealth, and you deny it to those who would benefit from it — and pay you for it.

    Starve the beast on an individual level, and “Baby Bell” the Silicon Valley monopolists until they are too small to affect societies around the globe and nations as a whole. Roll AT&T back in for a Round 2.

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    1. Yup. Starve the beast is right.

      It’s not “retreating.” It’s a consumer revolt, and the ONLY consumer revolt that works is a boycott.

      And when alternatives pop up, give them support.

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  2. Hah! I do have a loud voice, don’t I? In real life and also apparently that translates into writing as well.

    The infinity pool analogy is a great one. A “toxic soup” is right. Twitter has become a garbage fire built atop a flaming sewer.

    Another good Art of Manliness podcast regarding social media is one about Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). That site had a lot of interesting discussion about social media that I really appreciate.

    Anyway, twitter won’t help you sell books. It doesn’t help sell much of anything. I think it was on Nick Cole’s YouTube where he related how a WWE executive mentioned that although WWE has one of the most popular and followed Twitter accounts around with tens of thousands of engagement per day, it hasn’t moved the needle one bit. I found that interesting.

    Anyway, Twitter is a net negative to society.

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  3. Sometimes I want to leave Twitter, and eventually I will. But even aside from the blog advertising, I still find worth in who I’m able to interact with (so long as I’m not dragged into too much toxicity). Probably never would have found you Alexes without Twitter, for example.

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