Heretics, Tragedy, and Ideal Parenting

Today was a mellow Sunday. Our morning was spent grocery shopping. I’m really embracing domestic life. The weekly trip to Trader Joe’s with my wife and kid is an event I look forward to. Having a child makes you see the world with fresh eyes and even trips I used to find banal and tedious become new and exciting.

After lunch I took some time for myself and drove to B&N, grabbed some coffee, and picked through the offerings. I didn’t find the book I was looking for but I did come across this copy of Heretics. I have the matching Orthodoxy so I grabbed it to complete the set. I haven’t read either, I plan on doing so once I clear a bit of time and can really delve deep into the material.

While I was book-shopping I read the news about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others in a helicopter crash. I’m not a basketball fan and don’t really follow any athletes, but growing up in Southern California I’m aware of Kobe and the Lakers and his achievements. What gets me is that his daughter died along with him, being a father myself that really gets me. I can’t imagine how his wife, her mother, feels right now. Tragedy.

I bring up Kobe’s death because like clockwork the disgusting media cockroaches came out of their hives to attack the mans life. Felicia Sonmez, national political reporter with The Washington Post less than an hour after his helicopter crashed tweeted about Bryant’s rape case, attacking him and mourners. Reporters are human garbage.

When a fellow human, countryman, somebody that many people loved, it takes a special kind of fecal fungus to begin insulting before the fans and family even had a chance to mourn. You see this sort of thing every-time a public figure passes away, and honestly it says a lot about the people that engage in this sort of activity. Of course being a reporter in 2020 says enough.

In other news, if you follow my outstanding Twitter feed you probably saw the back and forth conversation about parenting. I wholeheartedly believe that the ideal situation for raising children is having a stay at home mother and a father that is available as much as possible. I understand that this is not possible or desirable for everyone, but, once again I re-iterate that I believe that the above is the ideal.

Can fathers be outstanding stay at home parents? Absolutely! But, I think a stay at home mother is preferable and more beneficial to the child. Is my belief sexist? Sure, whatever, deal with it, but deep down we all know it’s the honest truth.

3 thoughts on “Heretics, Tragedy, and Ideal Parenting

  1. Two things:

    1. Heretics and Orthodoxy are both fantastic. The latter, in particular, had a profound effect on me and, along with studying Plato, helped to break the spell of modernity and allow me to open my eyes. Interested to know your thoughts when you get around to the books.

    2. I feel extremely blessed to be able to support my family to the extent that my wife can stay home with our kids, especially in the earliest years. People get so touchy about this, as if stating the obvious were some sort of attack on the dignity of women. Because having a boss and scrounging for money is somehow more dignified than raising children?

    And not to get too identity-political about it, but I’m speaking as someone who was raised for much of my childhood by a single working mother. And even after my mother re-married, both my parents worked. She did the best she could, but it would be insane to claim that this was just as good as being raised by parents instead of by mercenaries, however caring the mercenaries may be. People arguing otherwise are approaching the question from a.) an ideological angle, and/or b.) a complete ignorance of child development psychology.

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    1. Whenever this topic is brought up people freak out because they like to lie to themselves. The first lie is that you can’t afford a stay at home mother on an average paycheck. What they mean to say is that they can’t afford a stay at home parent and all the meaningless bugman crap they spend their money on. I live in Southern California and make less than the median income, yet we can afford it. Not only can we afford it but we have a brand new car and manage to do fun entertaining things every weekend and still eat healthily. People have poor priorities.

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