OUT TODAY: Neon Harvest by Jon Mollison

Good friend of mine and solid indy writer Jon Mollison has a brand new book out today. Neon Harvest is a retrowave techno-noir set in the 80s future that could have been.

Within shadows cast by the dayglo lights of a city where the party never stops, one man finds himself at the epicenter of the biggest financial deal in history.

With massive fortunes and control of powerful industries on the line, he plunges into the tangled weave where high-stakes finance, powerful politics, and grimy criminal syndicates vie for control of the seething masses of humanity. And cutting his way free of the ties that bind forces him to choose between escape from this sordid world, and saving the girl of his dreams.

It downloaded onto my kindle earlier today and I can’t wait to dig into it in the next few days. Jon writes some great scifi and fantasy stuff and cool action stories you can find in Storyhack. Give him a read and support the awesome indy scene.

Grab a copy on Amazon and make sure to write a review when you finish.


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