USN Hospital Corps 120th Birthday

  Happy 120th Birthday Hospital Corps, most fulfilling amazing job. The closest thing to being a multi-class Fighter/Cleric job in the world. The picture is from 2010, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. I was there with 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, Kilo Company. The Hospital Corpsman rating has provided health care to Sailors, Marines and civilians worldwide for …

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Fathers Day 2018

Father's day usually brings me down a bit. My dad passed away over a decade ago and I miss him a lot. This year is the first time I'm a father myself, Juniper is one week old today. Lots of stuff to think about, lots of stuff to plan for the future, and some big …

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  June arrived on Sunday. She's beautiful and amazing. I'm still reeling from the experience of becoming a father and having a bit of a tough time putting the whole thing into words.

Barbarian Book Club: Weightlifting Progress 4June18

As of today, my working weights are as follows:  OHP: 125lbs BP: 165lbs Squat: 245lbs Deadlift: 284lbs Since the beginning of the year I've added the following; OHP: +30lbs BP: +20lbs Squat: +70lbs Deadlift: +100lbs My Bench Press sucks at 165, dunno what the deal is, it's my least favorite lift and the one where …

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Kinugasa Castle Ruins

I decided to go on a mini hike in my backyard and finally found the ruins of Kinugasa castle. All that is left is the foundation stones. It was build in 1063 Heian period and fell during the battle of Kinugasa in 1187. I can't find much info on it. According to Wikipedia "During the …

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The Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb

I don't write a lot of full-length book reviews. I prefer quick updates on what I've read recently, short and to the point, enough to recommend and maybe spur some discussion, but not concise reviews. The only time I write longer pieces is when I come across a book that really captures my imagination, for example, last …

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Barbarian Book Club: May 2018 Operational Report

Updates In preparation for the imminent arrival of my first child, I decided to grow a respectable mustache. It's coming along nicely and I have faith that it will develop further. I've been writing a bit here and there, nowhere as much as I should be, but overall I'm content with my current pace. I …

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Support the Indy Scene.

I know a lot of good independent writers. I know a number of good independent artists, and few really top notch independent editors. I even know several good independent voice actors for recording audiobooks. All of which is great, because it means that new, original fiction is being created and brought to market on a […] …

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Art: Baccante LDS

Baccante LDS by Saturno Butto,  oil on wood I'm a fan of Butto's art, a heavy almost neo-classical mix of Christian Mysticism, S&M, and Paganism. Check out his gallery.