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I Put the Book Down

I’m on vacation. A much needed vacation. Much needed for my wife who bared the brunt of the unpacking, decorating, and taking care of the baby, while I was in Malaysia.

Yesterday she went hiking with her friend, so me and the baby had the day to ourselves. I decided a trip to B&N followed by In’N’Out would keep us entertained. It doesn’t take much to keep her entertained.

I like B&N. I like all of the big corporate bookstores. I like them more than small, dirty, dusty, hipster bookstores filled with snobby douche bags who often have poor taste. It was after all a hipster chick employee that gushingly recommended The Name of the Wind, the shittiest fantasy novel I’ve ever forced myself to finish.

I like getting coffee, walking around a large clean store, looking at things, picking up books, thumbing through coffee table art and gardening magazines, buying cookbooks. It’s all pleasantly middle class.

When I was in high school and had a car I used to ditch school a lot. I would wake up in the morning, get dressed, say goodbye to my family, and drive towards school. A few blocks from school I would take a hard right and drive to the beautiful two storied Borders Books. I would get some coffee and spend the day on the second floor reading, sometimes for eight or nine hours straight. My senior year I must have read over one hundred books. I got a F in English.

So yesterday I was thumbing through the Literature section, on the second floor of B&N. My usual bookstore leisurely pace was somewhat hampered by having to entertain an inquisitive ten month old, but it was a good time.

One of the employees came by to meet my baby, young girl, really nice. She brought her a cute fox book and asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her I was looking for short story collections. I just finished Airships and wanted more litfic shorts.

She brought me a book by a writer I haven’t heard of. The cover looked really interesting, I actually noticed it on the shelf myself and meant to take a look at it earlier but got distracted. I thanked her and threw the book on the pile of stuff I was planning on buying.

Because I’ve never heard of the author before I decided to look her up. I immediately made the mistake of searching her name and clicking on the Twitter link that popped up. Every one of her posts were deranged anti Trump nonsense. I put the book back on the shelf.

An author being liberal isn’t shocking, it’s actually about as original as putting ketchup on your hot dog. Completely bland. I read liberal writers, I read conservative ones, dead ones, living ones, and everything in between. But I’m so tired of the hysterical nonsense that I can’t take anyone who continues to rage serious. It’s 2019, Trump has been our president for almost three years. He will be re-elected and will run the country for another four. Grow the fuck up.

The liberal aesthetic has dominated the literary and art world so much that it’s become completely boring. It’s cliche. I want a different viewpoint, a different perspective. I’m sick of the same cliches over and over.

Fargo Season 3 and villany.


I spent most of the weekend watching the entirety of the third season of Fargo. If you know me, I often go on about how Fargo is the best television around. Excellent show and every season takes the writing up to greater heights.

This season gave us Mr. V. M. Varga, one of the most terrifying villains I’ve ever come across. The writers managed to pull off a depiction of pure unrepentant demonic evil flawlessly, and most importantly without resorting to caricature or gore. Varga is beautifully written satanic evil perfection.

If you are a writer, I recommend watching this season. It’s a stand-alone, so you don’t need to watch season one and two. Watch this for the fantastic writing and expert use of symbolism and Biblical allusion.

Gangs of New York

billthebutchAround 2 am the other night while I was on Juni watch I decided to turn on the Netflix and watch a movie. Japanese Netflix is mediocre, but Gangs of New York is on there. Gangs is one of those movies that was huge with my friends when it came out but for whatever reason, I never got around to watching it.

Meh, it was alright middle of the night entertainment, but overall stupid and incoherent. First of all, I can’t buy DiCaprio as a badass. He’s a great actor and convincing in roles like The Great Gatsby or Wolf of Wall Street, but a badass Irish street brawler.. fuck no. I particularly didn’t understand why anyone would follow him over Bill, dude had a complete lack of charisma. Cameron Diaz’s character was equally stupid and had absolutely no reason for any of her actions.

The movie was incoherent in message because we were supposed to feel for the poor Irish immigrants, but every single one of them is portrayed as thieves, crooks, whores, or corrupt, and only shown living like violent animals. Not only that but I don’t feel much pathos for the good guys when the good guys are shown rioting and lynching blacks because they don’t want to go fight for the Union in the Civil War.

The best part of the movie and the only reason I kept watching was Bill The Butcher. Daniel Day Lewis puts out a fantastic performance and every time he comes on screen I was captivated by one of the manliest mustaches in film history. Excellent character that was wasted on an otherwise shitty movie.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t appreciate movies that much. I can sit for ten hours straight reading a novel cover to cover, but a two-hour movie rarely manages to keep me interested or engaged. Most of all I’ve realized that I don’t enjoy the great movies everyone else hypes up. I keep trying to watch Scorsese, Coppola, Kubrick, and others famous from that 70’s-80’s era and end up feeling underwhelmed.

The one good thing about watching the movie is that now I’m inspired to read some history about 19th century New York and The Five Points.



Art: Baccante LDS


Baccante LDS by Saturno Butto,  oil on wood

I’m a fan of Butto’s art, a heavy almost neo-classical mix of Christian Mysticism, S&M, and Paganism. Check out his gallery.


The Ongoing War Against Beauty


“Censorship is to art as lynching is to justice.”

In yet another battle in the ongoing war against beauty and Western Civilization puritanical feminists who run a Manchester, England Art Gallery decided to remove the exquisite  Hylas and the Nymphs by the Victorian Pre-Raphaelite JW Waterhouse. halasnymphs.jpg

In the typical culture warrior forked tongue double-speak Clare Gannaway, the curator of the gallery said she removed the painting because it was “very old-fashioned” because it depicts women as “either as passive beautiful objects or femmes fatales.” The intention was never to censor art, but only to provoke conversation and replace it as part of a “thought-provoking” installation by the artist named Sonia Boyce, who seems to be known for crayon drawings that imitate the talents of elementary school children and stage pieces about men in drag.

This latest attack by the Cult of Resentment hits close to home. John William Waterhouse is one of my favorite painters. Whenever I lack inspiration for my writing I let myself wander through his work taking in the images of the romantic idealized age the Pre-Raphaelites dreamed of. To see vile attacks on the beauty of his work by post-modern, trash peddling harpies disgusts me more than I can put down in words.


For far too long us men and women of the West have allowed the poisonous snakes of post-modernism to coil and slither, choking the very pillars of our civilization. We have stood by as they tore down the beautiful art and architecture of our ancestors, replacing it with soulless and ugly monstrosities, rejecting harmony and beauty. We have allowed them to conquer the education of our children, poisoning their minds against the great writers of the past, with ridiculous anti-western ideologies that spit on the very foundations of our culture.

No more. I believe it’s time to pick up the sword and shield of beauty and take back the battlefield of art and literature and drive the serpents back to their filthy holes. We cannot sit by as they replace everything beautiful with the ugly excrement birthed from their sick ideology.

We must embrace the Western Canon in art, music, and literature, and educate the men and women around us by showing them the beauty and truth that they are starved of in this modern world.