Reading Shakespeare: part II

Since I last posted I've received a bunch of messages and comments from people interested in my reading through Bloom's Western Canon, specifically my upcoming read of Shakespeare. A few interested in reading along. Originally I was going to update sporadically but due to the interest, I'm going to blog the entire thing. Hopefully putting …

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Reading Shakespeare: part I

Last week I outlined my goal to read through The Western Canon, focusing on the twenty-six writers Bloom considers key to understanding Western Literature. Shakespeare is the first, considered by many to be the greatest writer of all time, and propped up by Bloom as the pinnacle of The Western Canon. I decided to read …

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The Western Canon

Canon, defined as a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine. Reading has always been an essential part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother reading. My maternal grandparents had an impressive book collection made up of classic literature, poetry, and histories. They loved books and would always give …

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Barbarian Book Club: 25 July 2017

July turned out to be a month of minimal reading and writing. I only read one book worth mentioning here and my fiction writing was almost non-existent. Reading time was spent on physical fitness books and philosophy centered on masculinity, finance, and lifestyle. In the near future, I'm going to write about my workout regimen …

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Barbarian Book Club: 11 June 2017

Another month of reading has come and gone. The beautiful Japanese spring is ending and the rainy season is about to begin. I managed to finish two novels, one history book, and several short stories this month. Both of my fiction reads made up the closing chapters of their respective trilogies. The upcoming June rains …

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Barbarian Book Club: 11 May 2017

April was a slow month for reading. I turned 34 in the middle of another beautiful Japanese Spring. When your whole world explodes with beautiful cherry blossoms, light rains, amazing greenery, the last thing you do is sit around and read all day. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. I discovered Mark Lawrence through one of …

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Spotlight: Cirsova: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

I’m glad others are digging into Cirsova, one of the best, if not the BEST SFF magazines out there. If you are just starting you can’t go wrong with issue #5.

Mighty Thor JRS - Fantasy Book News & Reviews

Every once in a while I like to do a spotlight post to shine a light on an author, or book, or series that I think is awesome and more people should know about.

Today that light is shinning bright on Cirsova Magazine!

I have been in a bit of a reading and blogging slump for a while now. I took a step back, trying to figure out what I was missing, what I needed to turn this slump around. So I decided to go back to my fantasy roots. What got me into fantasy in the first place?

The answer to that was Sword and Sorcery and other pulpy spec. fic. goodness. I love REH, ERB, Lieber, Lovecraft, Moorcock, Wagner, and Clark Ashton Smith. So sure I can get out all my old copies of these authors, and I did. But I began to wonder, is anyone still…

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Read: 9 April 2017

I read moderately these past few weeks, a bit less than I usually do, but that's mostly because of vacations and long work days. I also focused on short story collections and magazines, which take up a lot of time. 9 April 2017 Neuromancer by William Gibson. This is one of my favorite books so …

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Cirsova #5 More Than Just a Magazine

Cirsova #5 finally came out this weekend and I devoured this fantastic issue. If you follow me at all you have no doubt read about my enthusiastic discovery of Cirsova which led to me taking up the banner of the Pulp Revolution and rekindling my faltering love for Fantasy. I enjoyed issue #3 of Cirsova …

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Suldrun’s Garden by Jack Vance

After much deliberation, I finally settled on Suldrun's Garden as my next read. I haven't read a full fantasy novel in over a year, so it will be nice to go back. The cover and the art that goes along with this is beautiful and I think I will enjoy the more magical fae type …

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