Reading Shakespeare: Macbeth Act 5

Scene 1 Summary:  Back at Inverness Castle a Doctor and a Lady attendant watch Lady Macbeth sleepwalk, an act she has been performing nightly since her husband has been out in the field. She walks around the castle with her eyes open but asleep, the whole time rubbing her hands and lamenting un-washable blood.  The Doctor exclaims …

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Reading Shakespeare: Macbeth Act 4

Scene 1 Summary: In a dark cave the Weird Sisters are chanting vile incantations around a bubbling cauldron. Macbeth enters and demands that they give him more prophecy. They agree and show him three visions. The first is a floating armored head that warns him about Macduff. The second is a bloody child that tells him no …

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Reading Shakespeare: Macbeth Act 3

We continue the play with Macbeth crowned King. Scene 1 Summary: Scene one starts with Banquo alone, contemplating his plans. He is strongly suspicious of Macbeth and at this time believes that he is the true murderer of Duncan, but he recalls the prophecy which stated that his own sons will become kings. His thoughts are …

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Book Review: Thune’s Vision by Schuyler Hernstrom

Another great review of Thune’s Vision, one of my favorite short story collections out there.

Mighty Thor JRS - Fantasy Book News & Reviews

Today my review is for Thune’s Vision by Schuyler Hernstrom

I have to admit I have not been reading much lately. I have been in a huge reading slump. I don’t like anything I start reading anymore. Modern Fantasy and Modern Fantasy authors have got me down. In my quest to find my fantasy reading mojo again I decided to go back to my fantasy roots. What got me into loving fantasy in the first place. Well my favorite author of all time is Robert E. Howard, I just can’t get enough of Conan and his other outstanding characters. So I have been on a Sword and Sorcery mission as of late, rereading all of my old books. Then I thought to myself are there any authors writing this type of S&S, pulp, weird fiction anymore? Well yes, there is and the best I have found is Schuyler Hernstom.


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Barbarian Book Club: August 2017

August was a good month for reading. I managed to finish a bunch of technical books, lots of articles, and the usual daily dose of blog posts. I started reading Macbeth and supplementary material that helps me understand Shakespeare and the time period he wrote in. But most importantly I managed to read a book that …

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Reading Shakspeare: Macbeth Act 2

Act 1 was exciting. The scene was set, a gloomy war-torn Scotland. The principal actors were introduced, the good King Duncan, his son Prince Malcolm, victorious Macbeth and his ambitious ice cold wife Lady Macbeth. Her first name is Gruoch if you were wondering, I had to look it up. The main thrust of the …

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Reading Shakespeare: Macbeth Act 1

My adventure through the Western Canon begins with Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Macbeth. First performed around 1606 during the reign of James I traditionally believed to be cursed by the world of theater, its name not spoken aloud instead referred to as The Scottish Play. Macbeth is a bloodbath of murder and the descent into madness that …

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The Writer’s Persona

Yesterday I read Kevyn's post on Jack Vance, what would have been his 100th birthday, and how he kept fandom at arm's length. Vance's approach to fandom struck a nerve bringing to forward a topic I have been giving a lot of thought to lately. How the modern writer interacts with readers and colleagues.   …

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Reading Shakespeare: part II

Since I last posted I've received a bunch of messages and comments from people interested in my reading through Bloom's Western Canon, specifically my upcoming read of Shakespeare. A few interested in reading along. Originally I was going to update sporadically but due to the interest, I'm going to blog the entire thing. Hopefully putting …

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Reading Shakespeare: part I

Last week I outlined my goal to read through The Western Canon, focusing on the twenty-six writers Bloom considers key to understanding Western Literature. Shakespeare is the first, considered by many to be the greatest writer of all time, and propped up by Bloom as the pinnacle of The Western Canon. I decided to read …

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