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An Example of Political Poison

Last week I posted my little mini-screed about authors being blatantly open and antagonistic on political lines. I despise it. I despise it from conservatives and I despise it from liberals. It ruins the SFF community, a community that should be about escaping from everyday ugliness and fun.

Today I came across an excellent example of why I hate current politics injected into the writing world. About a year ago I came across a really sweet short story in Asimov’s or Analog Magazine. It was about an AI in prison for murder. I thought the story was a standout in that issue so I looked up the writer. Auston Habershaw. I found his blog, followed him, and enjoyed reading his other work and his weekly blog posts.

I didn’t care if he was  liberal, conservative, monarchist, or flat earth believer. I just enjoyed his stuff. So when I went through my WordPress reader page today I read his latest post as it came up.

That’s when I found out that he considers me an idiot. Dab smack in the middle of his “funny” post was this beautiful insult “Maybe this is the kind of person who turns on Fox News, thinks it’s all true, and votes for Trump. Maybe – just maybe – the tiny demographic who craves or needs or enjoys hosted movies on television are the reason why life is awful and everything is terrible and we’re all going to die of global climate change.”

The truth is, he has the right to say whatever he wants. He has the right to say it’s comedy or sarcasm. But you know what, it still sucks. It’s a partisan attack. A shitty one, with all the recent leaks showing all media being in the DNC’s pocket.

It sucks because it takes somebody like me; very bi-partisan multi-issue voter with nuanced beliefs across the spectrum, and made me feel like I have to defend myself. Am I an idiot for wanting to vote Trump? Is my mother a moron for wanting to vote Hillary? I came for sci-fi fun and now I am on the defensive.

So yeah, it totally sucks. I can’t ever read his novels again or follow his posts because I will always feel partisan from now on. I don’t know if one is an idiot for voting for Trump, but I am absolutely sure that one is an idiot if they give their money and support to people who think they are idiots based on exercising their democratic rights.

(My political viewpoints are not an issue here btw, I live in Japan, I will not be voting.)