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Baen Books is Awesome

This afternoon on my way back from a PT session I decided to check the postal annex to see if my wife and I had any mail. The usually jolly people assigned to the mail room did not seem pleased with me or my giant extra heavy surprise box waiting for me.


I completely forgot that a few months ago on Larry Correia’s page,  I had a conversation with the Baen Facebook account about having a bunch of junior Sailors out here in Japan that would totally read the kind of stuff they published.

So Baen being awesome decided to send me a huge box of their books to pass out to everybody out here. Lots of great stuff, Correia, Bujold, Weber, Ringo, Anderson, Lackey, Weber, and many others.

Honestly, Baen really blew me away. It was really nice getting to give all these Sailors, who love sci-fi, comics, fantasy, etc. some great books for Christmas.

Thank you, Baen, and Merry Christmas from Japan.