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First Weight Failure

It finally happened, I reached my first weight failure. Yesterdays gym session started poorly, I Herculeswas in a bad mood most of the morning and it was made worse when I got to the gym and realized that I forgot my headphones. On top of that the gym was filled with douchebags.

I hit the Bench-press, hit a few lower weight warmup sets and went for my working set of 170lb a and only managed 3 reps. So my workout was as follows.

170lb x3

170lb x3

135lb x10x2

This means that next BP session will be a 10% deload. I honestly expected my overhead press to be the first deload but I think I have a few more lifts left in that tank.

After the BP session, I hit the Deadlifts and felt extra motivated so I ended up going up 20lbs from last week. I’m doing big jumps on DL because I started really low for form work and I’m not really in the extra rough effort zone yet.

135lb x 10

225 x 5

235 x5


Tomorrow I’m hitting the OHP and Squat, but I’m looking forward to Friday where I will be back to the BP with the deloaded weight.