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Two Months

My last full post was two months ago. Don’t worry, I’m still here. I’m not giving up on this space. Matter of fact I just renewed my domain name.

I’ve been terribly busy. Between being a father, husband, and a full time job, my time is overbooked. Especially these last few months due to my work sending me out of town for training. Last week I spent living out of the back of a military ambulance.

What free time I have that isn’t devoted to my family is spent writing. I’ve been consistently hitting my wordcount goals and have a lot of big projects planned. I’m giving myself a 10-year transition to full time author timeline. In order to make that goal every spare moment needs to be devoted to writing, research, craft, and marketing.

I’m not sure what I want to do with this blog space. Do I want to continue keeping it a semi-personal space used like a journal? I don’t really like reviews but I could turn it into a page devoted to indy writers I follow. Use it as a newsletter? Lots of options. For now I’m going to do what I have been doing, but that might change in the future.

In the coming months I’m going to start revealing my upcoming projects.

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Catching Up!

Wow, where do I start. It’s been awhile since I had spare time in order to write here. Work has been exceptionally demanding and every free second given to me went towards rest and relaxation with the family. Fortunately, after many months of hard work I am approaching the end of my training. Hopefully in the near future I will have a lot more free time to focus on writing.

Pensive writing mustache.
Pensive writing mustache.

While I have been insanely busy I still managed to do a lot of reading. Lots of crime and mystery novels, a lot of short stories, and I even spend a large chunk of time with Mr. Hemingway. When time allows I will go through my Goodreads and write about all the great books I read in the past few months.

The writing front unfortunately has been the hardest hit. In the past three months I only managed to finish a single first draft. But I have been collecting a lot of notes and jotting down as many ideas as possible. I have a plan/experiment I want to start on this summer and hopefully everything will work out as intended.

Finally, I got the cool little “Congratulations for the Honorable Mention” logo added on the left. I got the Honorable Mention last year for a last minute, submitted on a whim story. While not the most amazing thing in the world it did give me a confidence boost. I think it would be amazing to place in the Writers of the Future contest. Out of all the short story markets I find their anthologies match my tastes.

An Exciting Project, Grimdark Alliance

I’m excited to announce that starting today I will be taking part of an awesome project named Grimdark Alliance, an article, review, and discussion site for everything in the Grimdark sub-genre. Eric from The Grimdark Review and Leona from Leona’s Blog of Shadows invited me to join them in this project and I humbly agreed.

To quote Eric,
“Grimdark Alliance is a one stop has all grimdark fantasy site. Our goal was to combine the reviews we love to write with the interviews, lists, and thought inducing articles all in one place. Readers of the Grimdark Alliance will also get news on author events, tours, and everything that goes along with being a reader in the genre. We hope to create a community where readers like you and I can get together and talk about the books we love, share recommendations, and have fun together under a single big site.”

What this means for the BarbarianBookClub is that all Grimdark, Dark Fantasy, reviews and articles will go to the Alliance. All other reviews, personal rants, and random nonsense will stay here. The point of this place was to be an author blog focused on writing so this works out for the better.

Now go ahead and give Grimdark Alliance a visit and a bookmark.