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On our way to California.

I’m currently enjoying a nice relaxing bus ride to Narita airport where we will be taking a China Air flight to Los Angeles via Beijing.

We’re going back to SoCal for my brother’s wedding so most of the time will be spent catching up with family and friends.

The last few weeks of work have been brutality busy, and I am desperately behind on my writing, reading, and blogging. I haven’t been able to get any Napoleonics or Combat Commander games in an eternity. I took some extra days off after we get back which I plan on using for writing.

The awesome thing about flights over the Pacific is that I get a good 12+ hours of uninterrupted reading. My Kindle is stocked, charged, and ready to go. First up The Coffee Trader.

A quick trip to California


Last week I went to Narita Airport in Tokyo and took a 5,000 mile 10 hour flight to San Diego where I spent the week on Camp Pendleton getting some excellent training  and certification. The best part was that I got to shoot up to Long Beach to catch up with friends and family.

California is a beautiful place. Very different from Japan. Louder, faster, ruder, and a lot dirtier. Yet I still find it charming. Nothing beats driving 100 mph down The 5 freeway with the sun setting over the Pacific at your side.

You can’t visit California without eating at In N Out!

On the flight back I devoured a slew of short stories and two crime novels. Don Winslow’s The Dawn Patrol and Jo Nesbo’s Nemesis. Once I kick this lingering jet lag I’m going to sit down and write reviews for both. But for now I’m catching up with Japan and working on final edits for my latest short story.